About bureau

Architectural studio A. Pashenko was founded in 1996.

Architectural studio A. Pashenko is one of the leading architectural bureaus in Ukraine. It specializes in designing of buildings and complexes of different functional purposes, in development of urban planning concepts and in creating interior decisions as well.

At present staff of the bureau numbers nearly 50 employees - architects, constructors, engineers and managers developing tens of projects for Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine, CIS and other parts of the world. Joining of different specialists in one team gives the bureau a possibility to develop complex decisions and participate in all stages of work at the project.

Collaboration with the bureau guarantees highly qualified planning of projects with different complexity in accordance with international standards, optimization of
their execution periods, application of modern western technologies, strict authorial control of realization process of the projects.

A. Pashenko LLC. Kyiv, Ukraine